We live in a financial world which is an economy. If you do not understand how money works, you will end up having problems.

– You should increase your sales every year at least 20%.
– You should invest at least the 40% of your income every year.
– You should make sure that 100% of your income is taxable otherwise it does not work for you. (money hidden in your house, simply does not work plus it loses its value every year – you can add to it, but you can’t multiply it).
– You should use your earned income to create new income flows or passive income.
– You should know how to leverage your money.
– You should know that your money must earn at least 3% per year to maintain the same value of it. (your bank gives you only 0.001%)
– You should know how to choose vehicles to increase your income.
– You should know how to bring and not create new income.
– You should know that your customer has everything you want and you must exchange with them whatever it takes to get what you want.
– You should dominate and not compete, competition is not healthy.
– You should make more customers everyday, if you really believe that you offer the best solution, otherwise you are selfish.
– You should lease what you use and you should buy only what you can lease to others to use.
– You should know that buying, renovating and selling properties “flipping” is not real estate, it is gambling. (which by the way confirms that you do not understand real estate).
– Buying real estate cash, it is an indicator that you shouldn’t invest money in it first, you should invest in yourself first.
– You should know what “appreciation”, “depreciation”, “re-finance”, “write-off” is, otherwise you will keep complaining about the taxes, despite where you live on this planet.

If your score at the above “Should” is less than 15/15, sooner or later, you will face financial problems.

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– If you buy on a budget, your problem is not the price. Your problem is your income.

On a scale from 0 to 10 how do you agree with the above?

If it less than 10, you do not understand the problem and you can’t solve it. In any case, either if you understand it or if you don’t, call us, to make sure that you solve it.

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