Property Management

Real estate is a vehicle that helps you grow in long periods of time.

Facts about real estate:

– You should know what “appreciation”, “depreciation”, “re-finance”, “write-off” is, otherwise do not invest in real estate.

– Buying real estate cash, it is an indicator that you shouldn’t invest money in it first, you should invest in yourself first.

Real estate is and must be used as a vehicle to help you grow your financial statement. Buying a house to live, it is not real estate.

How can we support you?

– We provide full consulting on how to use real estate to grow your business and your financial statement.

– We cooperate with property owners who rent us their apartments to operate them as holiday rentals, providing cash flow to the owner

– We cooperate with property owners who want to sell their property and we make sure to purchase the property at fair prices (if the property fulfils our criteria – only in Greece – mainly residential apartment buildings)

– We cooperate with property owners and we represent their short term properties under our portfolio, increasing the customer network and the sales of the property

– We offer a range of residential properties, offices, retail and commercial ones in Nafplio, Greece for rent.